Sunday 11 August 2013

End of our Lot !!

End of our Lot.
Geoff crosses the Lot river at Cajarc  on 10 August 2013.
Tim crosses the line at the gite at Cajarc the night before.
We walked 30.5 k. from Figeac to Cajarc  where we once again found accommodation at the
communal Gite
The system is that you arrive at the gite  towards the end of the day where the door is left open.
You put your name on the door and then go into occupation. The notice board tells you when
someone will be back to collect the money for the night. That is usually about 5.30. You are
expected to look after yourself for the rest of the evening and to leave the place clean.
From Cajarc  we walked 18. Limogne en Quercy and today 27 .k. to Le Perch. That leaves
us 12 k. from Cahors which is halfway. We will take a day off there.

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